PW 338: Swingset non-monogamy orgy!

Life on the Swingset podcast

What happens when the crew of the Swingset Life joins Poly Weekly? THIS!

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1:00 News and host chat

  • There is a new FetLife group on living as a “single secondary” (Signup and login required) with interesting discussions such as “what would your ideal poly situation look like?
  • Relax; it’s a lap dance, not a root canal. Why you should enjoy your lap dance and stop trying to save your dancer – From Sex and the 405

8:00 Swingset orgy blowout!

It’s a non-monogamy orgy as the Swingset crew joins Polyamory Weekly! Ginger, Dylan, Cooper and Shira (also cohost of Pedestrian Polyamory podcast) talk progressive swinging, modern non-monogamy and a bit about sucking cock. Be polypodcasterous!

  • Introductions
  • And they’re off! (Is Google Calendar foreplay?)
  • 16:00 What is progressive swinging? And blurring the line between polyamory and swinging
  • Male bisexuality and swinging today and why guys shouldn’t be afraid to be bi; how women love gay porn
  • 41:50 is it getting warm at this orgy or is it just me?
  • 42:15 myth: swingers are rich yuppies while polys are broke hippies. Discuss!

55:20 Thanks

Thanks to Ryan and Kevin for their donations!


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