PW 402: PW live at CatalystCon!

CatalystCon West 2014 PW livePW LIVE at CatalystCon with Reid Mihalko and Charlie Glickman!

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1:00 Announcements and Host Chat

Bawdy Storytelling is coming to Seattle October 3 at 8:00 Rebar!

1:30 PW Live from CatalystCon West!

My guests are Charlie Glickman and Reid Mihalko!

  • Charlie Glickman on self descriptionTopic: how do we stop policing our poly communities and embrace tolerance?
    • We need a space for the newbies and the old guard who don’t want to have to step back and explain the 101 questions
    • remember when judging others that the finger points back at you#cconminx date your species
    • how can we tolerate a world free of shame if we then shame others?
    • if you’re happy and dating your species, why does it matter?
    • let’s not shit on the mono community–bad marketing!
    • “There is no one more zealous than the newly converted” – Charlie
  • 34:00 if you’re a newbie, is there something you need to be able to demonstrate to share with the veterans so they’ll be more comfy with you?#cconminx self awarenes
    • Reid: ability to clearly voice needs and wants; self-awareness. Minx says “self awareness is really sexy”
    • Charlie: how do you handle conflict, anger and fear?
    • If you get a negative response such as “wow poly sounds hard,” ask “why does that sound hard to you?”
  • 39:45 What does queer mean to you?
    • Reid: I’m awesome sexual. When I started dating sluts, no one was complaining how slutty I was. Date #cconminx Awesome sexualyour species! There’s a difference between a car working harder because it’s going uphill or straining because the parking brake is on.
    • Charlie: date people of both genders but more about world view rather than gender assignations
  • 45:30 How is poly done differently regionally?
    • Charlie recommends asking for community norms before visiting
  • 48:00 How do you find a good local community?, also Google “polyamory” and the name of the city

52:00 Thank you!

Thanks to Bret and David for their generous donations this week!

52:30 Wrap up

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Poly Weekly #203: Poly History 201 with Oberon Zell

Oberon ZellThis week’s Poly Weekly #203: Poly History 201 with Oberon Zell.

Download the mp3 directly!

0:00 Introduction and host chat
Intro, under-18 warning and re-direction to; friend me on Twitter and answer questions about what you want on the show, call 206-202-POLY with comments or discuss your own topics at the forums at

Topic: Natural Sexuality
Natural Sexuality, a hysterical blog post detailing the meeting of the Animal Association of Family Values. Our discussion features NotThat’Nilla as Lion and other animals!

Topic: Poly History 201, Oberon Zell
Oberon Zell Ravenhart speaks at the Occult Bookstore in Chicago on founding polyamory and the Church of All Worlds

1:30 Minx shares a blog post from BlagHag called “natural sexuality.” NotThatNilla and Minx read to us from the blog article.

6:00 Oberon Zell and Poly 201
Oberon talks about another scifi book, “Courtship Ritual” and how it sets examples for starting a poly family and talks further about the poly conference.

10:00 Oberon talks about how him and his family’s involvement with the poly movement started becoming less and less.

11:57 Oberon talks about a break up in his family’s relationship which led to the coming together of another one, the ravenheart clan.

13:50 He then talks about his family writing a FAQ on polyamory and how that brought media attention.

16:10 Oberon talks about how easy poly was for him and his family.

19:20 What is polyamory?

(man, i can turn it -sex i mean- into something nasty and dirty! -fs)

23:15 some of the benefits for polyamory.

33:30 Listener Feedback
Alex wrote in with kudos for Escape Pod and PW.

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