Ask a polyamourous person

Buzzfeed just posted this fun, funny and factual video of the top questions asked of polyamorous people. And it’s already got over a million views. Less work for the rest of us educators to do! Well done!

If you’re interested, the Poly in the Media blog has posted the transcript.

Angry muppets give sex advice

Check out this hysterical video–angry muppets give sex advice to the question, “I’m bisexual; should I come out to my parents?”

My favorite line: PICK A HOLE AND STICK WITH IT!

Newsweek poly video

Kudos to Newsweek for doing a fun, fair, lighthearted look at polyamory. And to the ever-fabulous Terisa Greenan, Scott, Larry, Matt & Vera for going on camera. We need more spokespeople like these guys!

New YouTube Video

SlideShare’s Best Presentation Ever contest motivated me to create a slideshow about a real person (me) and how I practice polyamory. Unfortunately, my audio embeds don’t upload there, so I’ll be changing the presentation to be more visual and less auditory for that contest. But since the audio version is kinda nice, it’s up on YouTube now as a sort of personal profile and non-threatening intro to poly. Your comments are welcome and appreciated!

Seven Google calendars!

ROFL! So glad someone did this! Now THERE is a YouTube video on polyamory!

My favorite is, of course, “Seven Google calendars”!!

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