Are you opinionated? Do you have a microphone? Do you have HBO and enjoy watching Tell Me You Love Me? Or are you at least yelling at the people in the TV while you’re watching it?

Poly Weekly is looking for one or more poly folks to review this new HBO program about marriage, relationships, communication and infidelity. If you have an opinion about the show and the technological expertise (a microphone, a recording program, and the ability to convert and send an mp3 file), email cunningminx at gmail dot com with the subject line: Tell Me HBO. Thanks!


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  1. I’m opinionated, and I have microphone, but being down here in australia we probably won’t see that show ever (or at least not before we are in a year numbered in the teens)…. sure there are ways to obtain TV shows…. but my bandwidth only stretches so far….

    But I did right a song about BDSM called “Tell Me You Love Me” –

    I guess that is kinda related, right? It is creative commons (like all my stuff), and therefore “podsafe”….

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