OK, so I’m a stats whore. But hey, it’s proof that I’ve done something with my life, despite my not-so-great job for the last year (and now lack thereof):

Last month, Poly Weekly had 9,999 downloads. This has become typical–about 10,000 downloads a month. It’s actually kind of low for a podcast in the Mature category, but then, as y’all know, I tend to talk about communication a lot more than sex. But it’s something to be proud of and point to as an accomplishment, I think. Or a work in progress, as I tend to see it. 😉

Thanks to everyone out there for spreading the word. Thanks for passing links, for linking back to www.polyweekly.com, for Digging PW, for spreading the YouTube video around, for burning CDs of Poly Weekly for your family and friends. Thanks for reviewing us on iTunes, Podcast Alley, Podcast Pickle and Blubrry. (And if you haven’t, why not give us a review? iTunes only has 11 reviews!) Thanks to our new correspondents, our editor J, our sitemaster Sc00ter and everyone else who’s helped PW grow.

Thanks for your emails, your comments, your questions, your criticism and your praise.


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  1. Did you notice that you currently have 69 diggs? Hee.

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