I had a hellish week of travel, with hair-raising experiences just short of terrifying, insanely long days and very little pay or appreciation. I flew in at 10:30 last night and collapsed to a fitful night of sleep with my attention-starved cat climbing all over my head (and ConfirmedBachelor’s, too).

And then, when I opened the mail this morning, I discovered a few packages had arrived last week in my absence. Thinking that they were just holiday gifts I’d ordered shipped, I opened them, unthinking.

And then, this gorgeous leather coat fell into my hands. Buttery black leather with that unmistakeably intoxicating scent, in this form:


Fred, dude, you are a generous soul who just made a Minx totally giggle and squeal with glee! You totally ROCK, and you totally made my day! You’ve absolutely spoiled me.

Currently wearing nothing but the coat and a pair of panties. Think I could get away with going out like this?


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  1. Not if it is cold there as it is here, and generally it is colder. You’ll freeze your legs off, and probably all those good bits just above.

  2. but I would love to see it, especially if you’re a little careless in the front closings.

  3. Cunning Minx December 15, 2008 at 11:54 am · ·

    I will do a photo shoot soon. Actually, it turns out that the belt worn low like that looks silly on me, so I’ve moved the belt up to the waist, which gives a nice hourglass effect. 🙂

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