Thanks to a listener for bringing this article from the British paper The Guardian to my attention.

Here is what he wrote about Polyamory Weekly, the only sex podcast reviewed:

It is perhaps in the arena of sex, however, where the internet has previously delivered so impressively, that the podcast disappoints most. Polyamory Weekly, one of the hundreds of podcasts that carry an EXPLICIT tag, describes itself as “tales of responsible non-monogamy” and delves into the world of multiple-partner sexual encounters with all the verve of an episode of You and Yours. One tends to tune it out after a while, catching only mildly intriguing snippets, such as “… and I very politely said, as Greydancer was spanking me …” Host Minx constantly repeats what might well become the podcaster’s mantra: “Feel free to disagree with me, and if you do, email me!”

Now I feel bad for him. If he’s looking for titillation instead of a show about alternative relationships, maybe I should suggest that he try Fetish Flame or Open Source Sex, yes? I’m surprised he didn’t find them in his own research, since both shows are ranked far higher than humble little PW.

At first glance and a quick skim, my impression is that the article was written by someone who was thrown into the deep end of podcasting and suffers from quickie, unclear explanations of what it is, why and how it works, and what the benefits of it are. And I also fear that the poor journalist did do massive research that entailed listening to dozens of mediocre podcasts for hours on end all at once.

Yup, trying to weed the quality podcasts out of the pool of mediocre ones would set me a bit on edge, too. It’s a shame, though, that he spent so much time listening to not-so-great podcasts instead of talking to or interviewing podcast devotees or hosts to get the inside scoop on the power of the medium.


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