Hi, guys! I got this email from a Brit looking to do a documentary on poly folks:

Put simply, this film seeks to explore poly relationships through the real-life stories of those who are involved in them – it is a broadly observational approach, requiring the participation of people for whom plural relationships are a real life choice. To this end, I am looking for people who might be willing to take part in the film. Ideally, they would be people who are in long terms polyamorous relationships involving three or possibly more individuals, of any gender and sexualities. The key is that they would be willing to be filmed (interviews, day to day life) for a television documentary to be shown in the UK.

If you are comfortable talking about your relationships on camera, please contact Kathryn.Taylor@fireflyproductions.tv. IF YOU DO CHOOSE TO PARTICIPATE, PLEASE CONTACT Susan Wright at the NCSF at (410) 539-4824 to get some basic media training first!


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