Hi, all! OK, working on a new promo video for poly in general and PW in particular. But I need your help–I want to try and represent the community and do a little education while still keeping the video fun. Here’s the idea:

The video will be a series of headshot of real poly people describing themselves in short, simple sentences relating to sexual orientation, spiritual beliefs, and poly configuration. Some examples:

I’m gay.
I’m straight.
I’m queer.
I’m boobiesexual.
I’m Catholic.
I’m pagan.
I’m an atheist.
I’m Christian.
I’m a Mac user.
I’m a sci-fi geek.
I’m a Linux guy.
I’m a ballroom dancer.
I’m in a vee.
I’m in a triad.
I’m part of a tribe.
I’m in a ‘W.’
I’m single.
I’m polyamorous.
I’m polyamorous.
I’m polyamorous.
I’m poly-friendly.
I’m poly-affiliated.
I’m polyamorous.

If you are willing to appear in this video THAT WILL BE POSTED ON THE INTERNET, please email me with the subject line “Promo video.” If you’re not local, it will be best if you have a webcam or a friend with one. If you’re willing to have your voice on the video but NOT your face, go ahead and email me, and we’ll see what we can do. Faces are best because I want to show us as real people, but I totally understand people who can’t be as out as you’d need to be to feel comfortable with this.


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  1. My Dom and I would love to take part in the Promo Video. We are able to send webcam video. You can also find us on collerme.com and okcupid.com. We are a poly couple still seeking our third.

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