Thanks to Roughinamorato for sending me this drop-dead funny video. If you heart musicals like I do and roll your eyes at EHarmony like I do, this one’ll have you on the floor:

So true–can’t be on EHarmony if you’re gay. Or poly. Or have an STD (seriously–80% of the population has herpes and/or HPV–why perpetuate the myth that this isn’t the case). Get with the times, EHarmony!


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  1. OKC has a fairly vibrant poly community. My wife met her current BF there, as a matter of fact.

  2. While I’m happy to dis them, I also don’t see why I should care. I don’t want to meet a bunch of marriage-only minded heterosexual people, and I understand why they don’t want to meet me. I’m happy to sit at my own lunch table (corner of the internet), thank you.

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