Greetings from your polyweekly webhost Sc00ter.

I just did an update to the website, we switched weblog systems to WordPress. It has a much better backend system and will hopefully let me add even more features. I hope it will help out with Minx’s Army that she keeps hinting about… but I know just about as much as you do about it 🙂

Anyway, I think all is well. There’s a few comments I have to move over by hand from the old site that I’ll get to. If you notice anything else acting weird about the site please drop a line here as a comment.


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  1. Curious. I’m am in the process of migrating my blog from 5 year old GeekLog to Serendipity. I like the features and user interface of s9y better then the WordPress I was playing with. However I want the best.

    I noticed you changed from s9y to WP and mention a better back end. Would you mind expanding on this. I’d like to get the opinions of fellow web masters. Thanks.

  2. Sukima….

    I find that it’s easier to navigate and the layout to be much better. There are far more plugins for it and they seem to be of higher quality.

    I also found that for Serendipity I had to do a lot more hacking around to get stuff to work the way I wanted.

  3. Good job matching themes, Scooter, but you really should be using the PodPress plug-in for the podcast episodes. If you don’t know why, contact me and I’ll give you the details.

  4. Steve, catch me on IM sometime (see my LJ a couple posts back for all my contact info).

    Basically I couldn’t figure out how to get the PodPress plug-in to work well with the mp3s being hosted at libsyn.

    We’ll talk more on IM about it.

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