We asked on Facebook last week what y’all were grateful for, and you answered with a big dose of poly gratitude. So on this day when we are all feeling thankful, here is what you all said you were thankful for:

Cloud 1As for me, I’m grateful for people like you: who seek every day to live in love, to understand others and to accept the changes life brings.

What are you grateful for? Sound off in the comments!


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  1. Among much else, I am grateful for all the extraordinary hearts and souls I have met in the movement for polyamory awareness. What a blessing to the world you are!

  2. That it is my nature to wake up happy 6/7 days; that the world is fundamentally absurd; that joy is a natural part of fife; that justice is inevitable; and that my friends and the time they give me are my true wealth.

  3. I’m so grateful for all the wonderful people, discussion boards, podcasts, and communities I’ve discovered since starting to listen to Poly Weekly and finding that not only am I not alone in my poly (& kink and other non-traditional)-ness, but there are folks like Minx and LustyGuy and SexNerdSandra and Charlie Glickman and Koe and Alex S. Morgan and Reid Mihalto and Polly Superstar and … well, the list goes on and on. This opening of my view and life has sometimes been difficult but on the whole extraordinarily joyful and I’m so thankful for it.

  4. I’m incredibly grateful for my amazing partner Jon, who has supported me through a lot of pain and suffering in the chronic conditions that I have. I’m grateful that he broke up with his abusive other partner earlier this year, and although they’re still trying to work out a friendship, he’s being exponentially more firm about holding good boundaries with her, and no longer allowing her to guilt trip or manipulate or gaslight him into agreeing to things that he really doesn’t want.

    I’m grateful for the friends who supported me through getting through the rough times with my ex-metamor, as well as have supported me with my chronic illness. I’m super-grateful for my girlfriend Issi and her husband Jared (a former boyfriend of mine) for being understanding and empathetic and just amazing when I had to renegotiate our relationships because of the stress in my life and the difficulties that my chronic illness have caused.

    I’m grateful for finding polyweekly, and having the time to go back and listen to every single old podcast (it’s gonna take awhile!) and gain new insight into various poly issues, and here more stories from poly people. I’m grateful for the polyamory.com forum being a great place to sound off. There is a caveat there, that there are still some trolly members there who bring down the experience a bit, but I’ve been blocking them and enjoying the wonderful advice given by a number of empathetic and awesome poly people.

    Lastly, I’m grateful to be alive at such a wonderful time, when it’s so much easier to find amazing resources like polyweekly. I’m grateful that it gets easier every year for people to be their true selves, and find other like-minded people and live really joyous, fulfilling lives. Fingers crossed that this upward trend continues for all of humanity. <3

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