Tried to add “boobiesexual” to Wikipedia today, but it was speedily deleted. Ah, well. I do know they’re not fond of entries created by the people who coined a term. Hell, they won’t let Adam Curry edit the entry on “podcasting”! But for you, dear readers, here it is, the definition of boobiesexual:

Boobiesexual is a newly-created, tongue-in-cheek term used to refer to women who identify primarily as straight but who enjoy touching and fondling women’s breasts with no particular interest in genital sexual contact. The fondling may or may not be sexual in nature, depending on the individual. The term was coined by minx in a 2005 blog entry and first appeared in print in the February 2006 Penthouse Forum article by Rachel Kramer Bussel entitled, “XXX Podcasts: the Future of Porn?”


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  1. openeyes March 3, 2011 at 3:16 am · ·

    Need boobiesexual apply only to women? I know otherwise gay men that also simply enjoy boobies.

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