How long has it been since Poly Weekly has given away a prize? Forever!

Now, thanks to the generosity of MayMay and Emma, you can win a weekend for two at Polycamp Too in Nainaimo, B.C., Canada, July 9-12.

Theme of Weekend: The Polyamorist’s Tool Kit

Friday July 9 (check in anytime after 2:00pm) to Mon July 12 (check out 11:00 am)
Location: Living Forest RV & Campgrounds, Nanaimo, BC

There will be workshop sessions, children & youth activities, a house concert, and a Poetry Slam (author’s reading) this year! There are only 25 campsites available in our group camping area. There’s running water, electricity and WiFi. There is a group shelter area where most events will be held. It’s a great time every year – don’t miss out!!

Want to win a pair of tickets to this weekend, a $170 value? Just write a comment below saying why you think you should be the one to go. We’ll draw a winner from the entries on MONDAY JUNE 21, so be sure to post your winning comment by then!


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  1. We think Damon and I should be the ones to go to the Poly Fun Weekend! 🙂

  2. My (married) girlfriend and I have been together for a year now and this is our first long term poly relationship. Poly weekly has definitely helped give us the tools to make it this far but we would both appreciate having more tools to help us stay together more more years to come. Thank you, poly weekly.

  3. Pockets June 8, 2010 at 8:17 pm · ·

    My wife and I are long time fans of polyweekly and have really found the information invaluable. We enjoy meeting other poly people and have even dated a few. We would love the opportunity to meet more in a very casual setting. And learn more about polyamory.

    p.s. we would also love to host Brownies and Porn (peanut butter rice crispy treats)

  4. I would totally enter this if I could afford all the rest of the expenses to go (airfare and all that), but I just have to say that I find the idea of giving away a pair of tickets to a poly event kind of funny. 🙂

  5. We would be happy to donate workshop fees of $50 per adult for additional people (max of 8 in total) who accompany the winners to his event and stay on the same campsite. Further we’d be happy to donate the workshop fees for any of the runner up entrants to this contest provided they pay the campsite fees of $102.82 (three nights) and register by July 1 via the website. Any people attending with them and staying on their campsite (max of 8 in total) would also have their fees covered.

  6. Damon and Claire–

    CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve won the drawing for the tickets! And you’ll see that Zoe of PolyCamp also generously offered additional workshop fees for any other members of your poly family!

    Email me at, and I’ll send you the tickets ASAP!


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