Go to Burning Man on us!

Do you like listening to dubstep 24 hours a day? Do you like rolling around in Playa dust? Do you like setting things on fire around naked people? Do you know to click stuff on the internet? Well, you’re in luck! One of our totally awesome listeners works for the org and has donated a ticket for Burning Man 2012 to be raffled off this month as a fundraiser for Poly Weekly!

How to enter

Entering is easy! To enter the raffle, click on the tip jar and make a donation of at least $10. Every $10 donation gets you one entry into the raffle. So $20 gets two entries, $30 gets three, and so on. Every donation of at least $10 between now and July 29th will be automatically entered, so this is a GREAT time to support the show!

Want to enter but can’t do a donation? No worries: just send an email to cunningminx@gmail.com with the subject line Enter Me, and you’ll be entered into the raffle for free! (One free entry per person.)

On July 30th we’ll be announcing one lucky winner of the ticket to Burning Man 2012. Woo hoo and Good luck!

Oh, and void where prohibited.


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  1. Thank you to whomever has donated the ticket! I’ve donated $20 to support this great show and in hopes of getting the ticket. My partner and I are going to the Burn again this year and would love it if we could bring along her other boyfriend.
    Thanks again… great show!

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